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« The NAR, And Zillow, Faster And Cheaper Just Got Better | Main | Agents In Real Estate 2.0. Will We Be Like Travel Agents, Accountants, Used Car Salesmen Or Lawyers? »


Don Duhon

Split fees not likely in California.


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christian  louboutin

Don't know the author wrote this article in the first place is what, but I'd agree with your views


This means Zillow will be the best thing since sliced bread, not only for home buyers and sellers, but for Realtors too.

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But this does not mean Zillow will be the best thing since unsliced commissions for Brokers, Local Realtor Associations, Local MLSs, the NAR and Zillow's platform is a single platform. Zillow offers a level playing field for all home sellers, agents or not.

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