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I agree these new mapping technologies are awesome! Have you seen the pictometry used on I think it's better than Zillow because they have more coverage...almost double.


Reading through your stuff I see you definitely have an axe to grind with the Move folks... It's too bad because they are releasing the very same products you are claiming they are behind on...

To give you an idea, here's a blog post from last month on some of the mapping stuff on

Ron Asteak

Zillow "Guess-Idiots" appear to rely on public tax records that in some cases haven't been updated in twenty-five years. The zestimator is a sketchy tool to rely on. I believe it's best to use a Professional Realtor when appraising property.

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I really like to see those pictures. I heard from a friend that he works with it that they are quite hard to work with.

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