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Shelly Galvin

It's certainly doable to sell you home yourself. Personally, I also see the value in picking and choosing the services you can tap into that will help sell your home QUICKLY. Time is money. Think about it -- every month your home is on the market is another mortgage payment, utilities, money spent on advertising & marketing etc. I chose to go the route of using a realtor. Homes were staying on the market in my area for 4 to 9 months. Using a realtor gave me more exposure via MLS. My home went on the market in November and sold in January -- with competing bids. I attribute the quick sale to a few things. First, I listed my home at the price I wanted to sell it for. I was advised against it, but I knew it'd get more traffic, because it comped better than other homes at the same price. It did -- my home sold for the asking price. Secondly, I made sure my home was homey for every viewing. It wasn't sterile. It was homey -- baked goods on the counter with a personal note for the visitors to help themselves. I accommodated every showing time and was ready to exit the home for a viewing at a moment's notice. It created a buzz amongst the brokers that I was very easy to work with and they knew their clients would have a positive experience every time. It worked! I also happen to be a residential color consultant and home stager -- so I was able to develop an excellent relationship with local brokers. The brokers took a shine to me and told their clients all about me. Potential buyers were then lured in by the "prestige" of buying a home owned and designed by a professional. Using a pro for the actuall selling part of the process worked for me.

Some other things I learned along the way. Everything in this world is negotiable. You can negotiate a lower commission rate with your broker. You can build into your contract requirements about how, when and where your home is marketed. And if potential buyers ask for credits after the inspection, you can ask your broker to contribute to the credit (asking them to take a deduction from their commission). A word of caution -- there's a fine line to walk with negotiating. Be fair and realistic in your requests.

The closing on my home is tomorrow!! Now I'm off to leave a "welcome" gift basket for the new homeowners. It always pays to be a class act.

Happy house selling! Shelly

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I agree; selling a home is to important to do by one's self, especially if you have no experience in doing such thing. Real estate is not a simple DIY project; it requires a lot of research and expert skills.

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Very practical and effective tips. You can earn more if you can sell it by yourself. No more incentive for the Real Estate agent. And you can make a great deal that will benefit you and the prospect buyer.

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The only problem that you might have. It is that you don't have the contacts to make it faster but at least there are sites that you can announce it and sell it faster.

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Yes you can sell your home yourself if you have idea how to easily sell it either in online. But first it is advisable to have make over on your house before you sell it.

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